The difference is in our approach. Our courses are designed to be of high quality, and convenience. Our courses are systematically organized with the level 1 course focusing on the overall framework of the Swahili language rather than just vocabulary. We teach you foundational concepts such as the noun classes and their demonstratives, verb structures, and how to put everything together. Upon completion of this level, you can expect to be at the low intermediate level of Swahili. Level 2 is designed to activate your language; taking you to the high intermediate and advanced level upon completion. This approach helps you to grow systematically while avoiding stagnation. Additionally, you have the option to submit your written assignments for grading. If you like to know whether this is a good fit for you, book a session below so that we can assess your needs.


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    We know convenience is a must-have for many adult language learners. LSN is built with this in mind. When you sign up, you receive personal login credentials that grant you lifetime access to your course, on your phone, tablet or computer at any time or place. This ensures that you will always have LSN at your fingertips.


    Our courses are designed by college level instructors with many years of teaching experience. Our instructors are also active language learners which means that they understand the challenges that adult learners face. You can therefore rest assured that our course materials and methodology are designed with you in mind.


    Learning a language can be difficult. However, with friends along the way it does not have to be. LSN offers an active community where you can interact with both instructors and other like-minded students. Additionally, you will get access to bonus materials curated specifically for LSN students.


Awesome Course!


“Karen is a great teacher, very enthusiastic. She helped me focus on the big picture, learning a new language takes time, but at the same time learn small ninja tricks that helped connect what I already knew, with what I needed to learn."

Fantastic Course!

Mary M.

I have just completed Learn Swahili Now with Karen Stringer. My learn experience was Fantastic!! Some of the things I liked about the course were, I could access the course anytime, learn at my own pace, and the concept in each module was explained by an instructor lead video. After each module, there were reviews, quizzes, and assignments that helped me to grasp and remember the material in the module. I highly recommend this course for anyone that is looking for a course that is easy to understand and provides an opportunity to practice speaking the language.

Thank you!

Kayla H.

“I definitely benefitted from this comprehensive course. As a person who has been learning Swahili for two years now, this course helped me to review and build upon the basic concepts of Swahili. It increased my knowledge and confidence in speaking this beautiful language. I would absolutely recommend this to others- whether they were old learners or new."

Quality and Affordable!

Emma M.

I had been trying to learn Swahili on my own for more than a year. After being in Professor Stringer’s class for only a month, I feel so confident. LearnSwahiliNow teaches you the structure of the language. She teaches fundamental concepts in a simple way that anyone can understand. This class is university quality education at such an affordable rate. Looking forward to her next class.